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About Us


The way we see it...

The business of Content has never been more ubiquitous than it is today. With the advent of Smartphones, and then Digital Assistants such as Alexa & Siri, it's easier than ever access to Streaming Services (​Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music​) and the consumer has millions of songs at their disposal at almost all times in their modern life. So, how do you connect with these listeners and, more importantly, how do you connect them with the music in a meaningful way?

We at​ pro1ific​ will help spark a new artist or re-energize your catalogue and assets by creating unique ways to reach and connect to your desired audience. Whether it be breathing new life into a stagnant back catalogue or redeveloping curated approaches to market new releases direct to consumer in a meaningful way, our goal is always to build a campaign around the music that leaves a lasting, and hopefully timeless, impression on the consumer, ensuring engagement for years to come.

Vibrant Podcasts, the Re-Make/Re-Model program, and Everything Old is New Again are just a few of the innovative ideas we’ve created and developed to help you, your clients, and your catalogues thrive in this exciting, fast changing, and seemingly ever-expanding landscape of 21st century music consumption.

We look forward to developing something very special with you.

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