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pro1ific Services

Video Creation -

With over 25 years of experience, pro1ific can prove full production support for film, TV, commercials, or live stream. We can service production exclusively, or work with you to develop proof of concept, budget, and ensure high-level execution. We pride ourselves on our ability to “make it work” and always strive for the highest quality and best option for whatever the size or budget of the production may be.

Live Streaming Advisory -

Directly connect with your fans, and make new ones as well.  We specialize in Live Streaming of all sizes, from small conferences of under 1,000 to massive music festivals of over 100,000. Regardless of size, a Live Stream can engage remote audiences and help to energize and develop your community of fans online. From Preview Content & On-site Content to Customized On-screen Graphics & Post-event Content, we’ll provide it all.


Live Show Management -

Bring your Live Show to vibrant life with full conceptualizations that includes: Lighting, Visuals, Set Themes and Conceptual Integration for your Brand.  We make sure your audience will enjoy the show so much they want to engage with you in the moment, the next day, and for weeks, months and years to come. And we’ll give them the ability to engage easily and directly through interactive elements from show to phone to home.


Creative Direction -

From themes & concepts to slogans & taglines - and so much more - pro1ific offers the highest quality creative support in order to maximize your company’s or projects’ potential.  Full service execution is our specialty. We focus on maximizing your potential through market penetration, no matter the product or medium. Whether it’s merchandising monetization, intellectual property development, or additive content strategy, we’ve got the experience and vision to create something valuable and lasting.

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